Are you interested in distraction? In sports? Netflix? Political drama? Social media? Gossip? Booze? Drugs?

Or are you interested in substance? In American freedoms? History? Philosophy? Art? Science? What about Jesus Christ?

Think about this.

Distraction distracts you from truth. It takes your mind to unedifying places. It fills you with garbage that yields cheap emotional highs that don’t last. It weakens your walk in life as you face lies, manipulation, fear, trauma, despair, anxiety, fraud and other obstacles.

Mere mindless distractions make you more vulnerable. They make you less happy. They do.

But countless millions don’t know any better. They were raised on television. They were educated at government schools. Those who went to college are brainwashed into the happiness-destroying ideology of hyper-liberalism. But, whether one did or didn’t go to college, the majority of Americans nonetheless live paycheck to paycheck. The stress of this kills the spirit. It makes them not care about anything but survival.

Then you add car payments, phone bills, internet bills, electric bills, rent, mortgages, health insurance, credit card payments, fines and of course taxes. It costs so much just to be alive in America. You don’t think this adds stress? You don’t think this doesn’t put people into a deeper state of mere survival? You don’t think this makes them indifferent to truths that empower us all to freedom and prosperity? Of course these stressors do.

So, distractions from stressors become the way to relieve pain. They become paramount for getting through our days. They’re our substitute for happiness.

And all of us collectively suffer for this. America is worse for this.

Now, I don’t despise people for this. More than anything it breaks my heart to see pain in the eyes of so many who feel desperate in their stations. They feel trapped. They feel hopelessness.

I also understand obsession with mere distraction is arguably the most natural course for humanity. Mankind has lived under oppression for most of his existence. Most have felt the same hopelessness. Most have lived only to survive. They certainly did not live for ideas that empowered them to take back freedoms stolen by tyrannical government, as Americans once did.

And this disempowered state of humanity is becoming the norm again. Americans like to believe they live in the land of the free and home of the brave, but, come one. Only those addicted to distractions can take this seriously.

I mean, for starters, the Federal Reserve banking system is hopelessly corrupt. Ignorance of how this system functions yields incalculable inflation. Inflation is a hidden tax, and is arguably the single greatest reason for growing American poverty.

But there’s more.

We also have forgotten – or never learned – those greatest lessons of American history which show how a free society works. We are abandoning the free-market capitalism of our ancestors for a totalitarian order that masquerades itself as fair and compassionate. Wealth is concentrating more and more in the hands of the few, and we are being ever more reduced to serfs working for corporations that couldn’t care less about our happiness.

Then of course there’s the insanity that took over the world starting in 2020. Social distancing, forced masking, lockdowns, forced vaxxing, vaxx passports, supply chain shortages, so on and so forth. And what have hundreds of millions done to deal with this? More consumption of distractions like Netflix, booze, drugs…

At the end of the day, all this is our fault. People deserve the government they have. And, unfortunately, I see things getting worse before they get better. I see things getting worse before everyone puts away their distractions and wakes up to freedom.

However, two things.

FIRST THING, God is omnipotent. God can change all things instantly. He can heal broken hearts, and inspire minds to higher realms, and make clear new opportunities, and move mountains for those who have faith. Yes, it’s hard to believe this. But it IS so.

If you’ve never accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, please consider so intently. Regardless of the state of your life now, you will be called to account for it. You will spend eternity somewhere. You are going to die, and are you prepared for this next phase? Considering this is a far more edifying distraction than the evening news.

After all, God is our loving Heavenly Father. He wants to give good gifts. He wants to make burdens lighter. There’s always love and forgiveness from him. Read the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15: 11-32 which present some of the most beautiful words in any language.

Do you think the Creator of the Universe doesn’t care about you? Do you think he’d never use his power to help you? Of course he would. Have faith he will. Have hope he will. He’s the source of hope.

SECOND THING, Truth is a power unto itself. Truth realigns hearts and minds to a more correct state of being, and thus empowers us to discern better circumstances. It fills us with a deeper understanding of right and wrong principles that allow you face obstacles and opportunities with greater clarity.

It empowers you to make better decisions. It sets you free. It brings you joy.

And there are mountains of truth concealed from us. Get a taste of the truth hidden by distraction and deception and you will never be the same. You will always want more of it. It will motivate you into higher realms.

I’m not saying that seeing beyond the lies of the world will suddenly rid you of debts and make your bank account grow. It doesn’t work like that. However, by seeking the truth in faith, doors will be opened. Opportunities will present themselves. Good growth and change will come. It’s inevitable.

Is my life the paragon of this? No. I am one helluva imperfect man. But I do thank God for the fact that so many mindless distractions don’t occupy my mind anymore. Knowing the distractions of 2021 exist to make life your worse – and they absolutely do – can’t help but to redirect your attention towards more edifying things.

Yes, seeking God and seeking truth can make you lonely. You become different than most. But more frequent moments of clarity where the world shines brighter make it all worth the while. From there comes hope. From there comes strength. Truth can’t help but to improve your life in any circumstance. After all, it’s never right to take the blue pill, and willingly choose to live in the Matrix.

Like Henry David Thoreau said, ““Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”

Like Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

So turn off your damn television. Put away the distractions. Get real.


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