A super-yuppie in North Dallas who thinks he’s amazingly intelligent because of his house, money, job and allegiance to the Democratic Party inspired this.


Shame on those who reject freedom.

Shame on those who have been brainwashed into thinking that freedom should no longer be the way of mankind. Shame on those who have seen what a free society is capable of creating, and received its gifts, and rejected them for the precepts of authoritarianism.

Truly, these people deserve shame. They do. They are intellectual children who don’t understand the past and the present, and therefore are helping to destroy the future.

Oh they think they’re smart though! They think they’ve got the complexity of human societies figured out to a point where they can tell us all how to live. They think they have the moral high ground and thus the right to order our actions against our wills. They’re stupid enough to think that their version of authoritarianism is the way unto a better future. Their ends justify the means. They call it security. They call it progress. Hell, they’re quite open about calling it a New World Order.

Of course the history of Western Civilization, particularly that of the United States of America, demonstrated unparalleled unleashing of the human potential for creativity and real progress through freedom. The population of the earth began to soar in the 18th century. More people came into existence because food production and later industrial production elevated mankind’s numbers far beyond what the conditions of slave-like squalor could formerly render.

This squalor was endemic throughout most of mankind’s history. Backbreaking labor day after day yielded constant starvation and famine. Hovels, rotting clothes and gut-wrenching unsanitary conditions were a great part of humanity’s existence. Then there were diseases and plagues. Life was harder than we can imagine.

As Henry Grady Weaver said,

Down through the ages, countless millions, struggling unsuccessfully to keep bare life in wretched bodies, have died young in misery ans squalor. Then suddenly, in on spot on this planet, people ate so abundantly that the pangs of hunger are forgotten.

I give a synopsis of this core idea Weaver teaches in The Mainspring of Human Progress in my post One of the greatest lessons in all history from the United States of America. I further say that without the earth-changing innovations mankind unleashed through the freeing of the body, mind and soul, most of these liberty-hating children would never have been born. Of course they don’t appreciate this.

Their hatred born of ignorance caused them to turn their backs on the greatest gift one generation can give another – that of freedom and prosperity. Within one generation they have come to consider the rights of the individual as outdated or outright contemptible. Individual liberty no longer has a place in the modern world. Police and soldiers are the answer. Bureaucrats and experts are the answer. Government is the answer. Mere wind are the noble thoughts of the West.

But you thought I was just talking about Democrats? I’m not. The above ignorance is exactly why Republicans scorned those who denounced the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. This is why they embraced the War on Terror, the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security. This is why they ignore astronomical military budgets and the heinous crimes of America’s injustice system. They back the blue. They support the troops. They can’t see how the principles of America’s War and Police States are inimical to a free society. They call themselves “conservative” but they have no idea what they are conserving.

Then there are the Democrats! At least Republicans can be more easily convinced of their folly, because they can be convinced that what they’re supposed to be conserving is the legacy of freedom. Not so for Democrats. They openly scorn the past. They openly scorn freedom. Real progress rests in controlling the state and using its power to fight arbitrary “social” injustices, and in the process create more injustice than this country’s ever seen. They think individual genius is a stumbling block to a Brave New World where everyone recognizes the rule of experts like Fauci and Gates. This is why Democrats hated those who would not lock themselves up, mask themselves up, and vaxx themselves up. They’ll embrace a New World Order simply because Joe Biden said it was good.

Now, I can forgive all this. I can. If people see the folly of their ways, and repent of them, and thereafter purpose for freedom, of course they deserve forgiveness. They’ll be quite capable of talking to those still trapped in the Matrix by recognizing the specific mental blocks that keep minds ensnared. They may have their minds blown wide open, and fired like never before, through the power of truth to cut through smoke and confusion that their former ideologies caused. Let my former foe fight with me.

And it is a fight! Say what you want of Alex Jones – and I can say good and bad – he is dead on about one thing: there is a war on for your mind. It is an information war. Information is power to create fictions and false realities. Information is also power to set you free.

The truth is that the humanity-elevating words that made American and the West the envy of the world can still imbue us with hope and power. They can still teach us how to see the world through more accurate eyes, and change it for the better.

In the 19th century a man named Charles Duell allegedly said, “All that can be invented has been invented.” Whether this former head of the U.S. Patents office really said this or not is immaterial because it’s indicative of a mindset that believed mankind’s amazing technological progress over the 19th century could not continue. This belief was dead wrong. The first half of the 20th century saw ever more marvels like airplanes, model T’s, radios, televisions, orbital rockets, computers and thousands of more things which we would only hypocritically deny make us happier in this 21st century.

Of course it also saw horrors like WWI and WWII, and these events were made horrors precisely because of the aforementioned technologies. Technology is ultimately neutral. It can be for bad or good – even television which can disseminate good words en masse.

My point is that the world’s fluid. All things are in flux. A population’s mindset, which cements its government and consequent capital infrastructure, is not a fixed thing in nature like Rocky Mountains and Pacific Oceans. They are the result of minds fixated upon thinking only one way. But they can change their minds. They can change their actions. Thus, the order they render can change, and it can all be for the betterment of mankind. Freedom can still work.

It can. That’s because freedom unlocks human potential. History hath shown this! On a basic level, of course, it incentivizes increased economic production because people are free to keep the fruits of their innovations and labor. But it’s more than this. It also incentivizes people to associate freely in new and effective ways for the sake of overcoming problems, without the hindrance of decrees made by foolish politicians, and without the hindrance of decrees made by tyrants who actually like crises giving them such powers in the first place. People would be fine with the minimal government envisioned by America’s Founders. Heck, I believe without any government people would still be fine, and probably better.

After all, governments love problems. They love crises. It legitimizes everything they do. They’re willing to manufacture them to keep their power. These are called “false-flags” like 911 was one. This should be so obvious to all adults. All of them.

However, Americans’ minds have been continuously degraded for over a century. They’ve been conditioned to think freedom is anachronistic and unlimited government must take us into a better future. Such a mindset is not the result of any deep study of history or political-economy. It’s not the result of critical thinking and mature dialogue. No. It’s from government schools, Hollywood movies, network television, social media, Marxist universities, stress, mortgages, debts, taxes, fluoride, drugs, booze and probably much more.

Yes, I can have compassion unto those still trapped in the mainstream, who think that the growth of the powers of government are unintended consequences of people truly trying to do right. That compassion impels me to forgive easily those who see their folly and repent.

However, my heart has been hardened. And you know what? Yours should too.

Those who will not learn, those who scorn freedom, those who still think bigger government is the way, and that the New World Order or Great Reset they have planned for us is for our benefit, deserve only shame, and maybe even the hell that’s coming from this New Order – though I wouldn’t wish such hell on anyone!

Shame on anyone who rejects that freedom is the way unto a better future. Like Sam Adams said, “May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” My goodness the Founders of America were geniuses!

But, as it was in the days of Noah, people will ignore what’s coming, and hope it all goes away, and it won’t.