Heavenly Father,

There are countless tens of millions disheartened by the dark cloud they see in the future of this country. They know the United States of America are heading towards destruction. They know every vestige of what was once considered virtuous and sane is now being sacrificed upon the altar of secular humanism, and these acts of cultural vandalism are being hailed as progressive by apologists of this new paganism sweeping across our land at a terrifying rate.

The power of the Marxist Left to force change upon us seems overwhelming. Their Propaganda Matrix controls so much of the information that is broadcast into our televisions, computers and cell phones. Through it they have the power to censor, revile, and destroy, and do so with impunity. Countless millions thus believe the lies. Countless millions are deceived. Meanwhile, those on the side of traditional American values are labeled as bigots, extremists, hate-mongers, deplorables, domestic terrorists and an assortment of other names intended to scare and shame us into silence and inaction. The Left categorizes itself as tolerant and compassionate, yet, renders the vilest assaults upon truth and decency, and wields mobs of violent-tempered minions, on media platforms and in the streets, who promulgate these assaults down to individual levels.

Those who are Christian Patriots feel most under attack. Though there is not open and incessant vilification, yet, of the holy name of Jesus Christ, and the blessed Gospels he spoke for the betterment of mankind, to those that have eyes to see we know those attacks are coming. We know that Jesus Christ will become the most reviled of all names under heaven, and those who praise his holy name will also suffer the attacks of the revilers. We know that the ultimate intention of these malevolent actors is to destroy sovereign nations, especially the United States of America, and subject us all to a New World Order ruled, ultimately, by Satan himself. Through his genius he deceives the world into believing this New Order good and necessary. His army of plutocrats, politicians, bankers, corporate executives, media moguls, medical experts and countless other influencers is powerful to a point that so many give up in despair before putting forth the slightest effort to halt their advances.

Recognizing this immense power of Satan to corrupt your Creation is a source of great despair, Father. We as Christians often feel alone, isolated and powerless as destruction comes ever nearer to all we hold sacred, while most of our fellow countrymen continue in the normal course of their lives. Because of the inaction of Christians, and Patriots, who have not zealously proclaimed the Gospels, and who have not fought for Truth and Justice, tens of millions have chosen to bury themselves in a life of distraction – in a life of work, play and drugs. They are as in the days of Noah. They eat, drink and marry as if the world will never be destroyed again. Whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, and lovely, are mere vapid abstractions not worthy of knowing in a world of concrete pain. Old and New Testaments are jokes. All history and philosophy are jokes. Distraction is the only thing that relieves pain. Distraction is all that matters.

Thus, they cannot discern the Times. Thus, they forgo the moral compass you put in their hearts. Because they have no solid foundation, because they stand not upon a Rock, they embrace the false moralities of Marxism, Modern Liberalism and Post-Modernism. Many do this more to be at peace with the flood of propaganda promulgating these destructive ideologies, as the Matrix presents all contrary ideologies as evil. In their moral weakness they surrender their minds and souls to the collective, to the values of the modern secular state, and know not that they have ultimately surrendered to Satan who uses secularism as his greatest platform. They become so devoid of their natural affections, as Paul discussed in his Epistle to the Romans, that many are reaching a point where the most hideous sexual perversions are paraded as brave, moral and exemplary. Truly, we are regressing into the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah, and who is to blame but we who are alive today?

Father, forgive the sins of your believers. Forgive our fears and inaction. Forgive the fact that our alienation, despair and faithlessness have weakened our resolve to fight the good fight against the increasing destructiveness of Satan. We too distract ourselves in the pursuit of money and pleasure. We too have become caught up in worldly values of this most prosperous and materialistic nation. We too seek validity through wealth and status. Mammon’s influence is so pervasive in the United States of America that millions of us have not the slightest inkling of your ways. Make your ways known. Make your ways clearer than the world’s ways. Let churches proclaim Truth like never before, for, that is something they have not been doing.

Lord, I can only say American churches have been failing us for some time. Yes, we as men and women must take blame for our own shortcomings – and mine are many. At the same time, I feel I would only be furthering my shortcomings were I not to say exactly this. Men called to your pulpits have squandered their influence by preaching an effeminized version of Christianity. They are afraid to be fatherly. They are afraid to reprove and rebuke. They are afraid to call out sin because, no doubt, they’re afraid to offend those from whom they receive donations; they’re afraid to offend liberals and violent malevolents allied to them; they’re afraid to call out the sins of government and lose their 501c3 tax-exempt status. I have felt alienated and miserable in churches so many times, Father, that I have not regularly attended for years. I have not had sustained fellowship for years.

Undoubtedly my actions have been wrong. I know my life is filled with a deep pain for this lack of fellowship my soul craves. Perhaps in not trying harder I have let down others. Perhaps in not trying harder I have so often seemed no different than non-believers to non-believers. In fact, I know this is so. I know this is so for other Christians who are also disillusioned by 501c3 corporations masquerading as churches. It is yet another facet of the insanity of society we feel powerless to do anything about. Everything feels upside down.

May this terrible situation be rectified, Father. May those who are turned away from churches have their hearts renewed and unite with others who understand this corruption too. May pastors and their defenders who have furthered this corruption come to a new understanding of the role we are to play together in this most sacred institution. May all who, with their hearts and mouths, profess Christ as Lord and Savior overcome differences, and become inspired with personal missions to transcend that which restrains the growth, fellowship, and fire of the Body of Christ. May there be a Great Awakening across the land. May we rediscover the power our ancestors knew, through you, which effected changes to the old world, and created a new world like never seen before. May there be revival! May there be renaissance! May there be change!

I know I am one man among billions, Lord. I know my words and actions are utterly incapable of effecting any change, especially to my life weakened by sin, without the power of your Holy Spirit reinforcing them. Yet I pray, Father, because you would have me pray; because you would have us all pray incessantly. Please, ignore not those who call upon you. Ignore not the supplications of those seeking to avoid calamity and desolation. Yes, we have lost our ways, but we seek to find them again. Remember your children who, in spite of our sins and worldliness, are still victims of Satan who has practiced his art of deceit for thousands of years, and now possesses technology to manipulate the realities of billions. Truly, you are our only hope. We know this. Hear those who call out your name. Instill within us a mighty zeal for prayer. Instill within us a mighty spirit of courage and intelligence. Direct our footsteps. Fight our battles for us, as you did for Moses, Joshua, Gideon and many others. Give us encouragement. Give us hope. I know not what else to say, Father, as my mind faces the darkness.

Our Christian ancestors practiced many days of fasting and prayer, and called upon your salvation, and you saved. It has been so long since we Christians have done this for our country. This weapon of spiritual warfare has become all but forgotten. I have forgotten; I have not practiced. Let us all remember. Let us all practice. Let us all fast and pray like never before. Let us all fellowship in the Spirit of Truth like never before. Help to inspire our faith to more powerful and influential levels beyond what we have formerly thought possible. Again, may there be a Great Awakening to Christianity in this country like not seen before.

Save our country, Lord. Save the United States of America from the wicked ones who have sought to destroy it from the beginning. Let freedom our ancestors fought and died for once again reign. Let justice prevail against the wicked who have hijacked our governments, our commerce, our schools, our churches, and who are now openly going after children with a rapacious disregard for all decency. Without justice ever prevailing against the wicked, how can there be any hope? Give us justice. Give us hope.

Yes, Lord, I write these words out of a fear for a dark future. However, perhaps the die has already been cast. Perhaps we have fallen too far, and there will be no redemption. Perhaps the old order must be destroyed for a new one to usher in your presence upon the earth. Such was so with Israel and Judah. You gave those peoples chance after chance, yet, because of their wickedness, they succumbed to Assyria and Babylon. Their kingdoms were destroyed, and it was justice.

If this be so for the United States of America, I still ask for mercy. I know atrocities have been committed under our banner. I know millions have been killed through abortion, war and genocide. Our sins are greater than Judah’s.

Yet, you spared a remnant. If your grace wills only a remnant to carry on the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Christian Liberty he intended for us to live under, may that remnant be made as large as possible through the divine interventions I still ask for in this prayer. It is beyond the power of my mind to ask for what we need to survive the horrors of the destruction of a civilization, but I will nonetheless ask you to meet our needs.

In closing, Father, I thank you for this gift of life. It could have been that I never existed in the first place. I could have never known anything of your truth and beauty which have graced so many days of my life, and produced so many moments worth living for. I know I will never be the man you willed from my conception. I know my many years of unbridled sin and faithlessness weakened my growth as a man. I am so sorry for those lost years. I am so sorry for lost opportunities to contend for the faith.

I know my sin is so great that no works of mine could ever justify spending an eternity in your presence. I thank you for the blood of Jesus Christ to wash away my sins. I thank you for redemption. I thank you for salvation.

In the name of your son Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.