Now, I’m not the paragon of manhood. Not by any means. I can list sins and fears that would make many despise me, and perhaps all their reproaches would be just. My words on courage from Part 1 are for me as well. So are my following words.

After all, there does come a point when you aren’t supposed to give a damn about what anyone else thinks when it’s time to speak your mind. At some point you should make a scene, and anger everyone in the room, and even anger your friends, to speak the truth because it’s the right thing to do. Too many men are preoccupied with pettiness to do precisely this. I’m not stupid enough to think these blog posts will change this insouciance, but I don’t have to justify myself.

The fact is that the world is starving for truth. The Propaganda Matrix has projected so many lies into our culture – and of course have found their most willing followers in the form of liberals – that telling the truth is becoming ever more a revolutionary act. They’re projecting lies to destroy America. They’re doing this so that we have no firm understanding of what’s real and what’s not. People who have reached this point of confusion are vulnerable to the most astounding absurdities, and, as Voltaire said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

This is something to consider.

Frankly, I think America’s already reached this point. We already believe countless absurdities. We’ve already committed atrocities. We are likely still committing them, and, I cannot imagine the evil that will be unleashed by the explosion of absurdities occurring just in the past five years, men having babies being one example of many more. Decimations of life like Sodom and Gomorrah, like Bolshevik Russia, like Nazi Germany, like Maoist China, come to mind as a result.

I mean, how many unborn children have been killed by abortion? The National Right to Life Committee calculates the number killed since 1973 to be at 63,459,781. Even if that number is off by ten or twenty million, so what? Even if it’s off by 50 million – which it’s not – that still means over 10 million dead. Of course atrocity is an accurate word to describe this situation. And tens of millions of adults accept this because they believe a growing baby is just “worthless flesh like a cyst or wort or tumor.” No. That’s a life. It’s not useless flesh. That’s an absurdity.

Let’s continue. How many people just in Iraq alone, just since 2003, have been killed or maimed by the military-industrial complex because “They hate us for our freedoms.” 300,000? 400,000? 700,000? I don’t know. That number seems incalculable. So is the greater number of those whose bodies have been crippled and maimed. So is the even greater number of those who escaped bodily harm but suffered emotionally for being immersed death and destruction. And what about Iraq in the 90’s? And what about Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Libya… and do you know where else bombs are currently falling? And what about all the bombs that fell in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia? Seriously, how much death have American taxpayers financed? And it’s all justified because, again, “They hate us for our freedoms.” No. That’s another absurdity.

But let’s look at the wars at home. How many millions of Americans’ lives have been devastated by the prison-industrial complex? American government spends over $80 billion a year on incarcerating Americans. America has 5% of the global population but 20% of the world’s prisoners, which is roughly 2 million Americans. An additional 3.7 million are under probation and parole. That’s the Land of the Free? Then there are the mothers, fathers, wives, sons, daughters and other family members that suffer financially and emotionally from the staggering criminalization of Americans. Am I supposed to believe we are just more criminally prone? Am I supposed to believe the staggering profits of government dole have nothing to do with this? Am I supposed to believe we really have “the best justice system in the world”? No. That’s yet another absurdity.

But I’m not done! Remember Covid 19? Remember when our governments locked us down because of bogus mathematical models? Remember when they forced masks on us and forced us to accept that we’re not sovereign over our own bodies – because liars said it would slow the spread of a disease? Remember when they then tried to force the vaxx on us, which is literally the most Satanic violation of our bodies’ sovereignty, by threatening to destroy our ability to provide for our families? Remember all that? We still have no idea what the physical, emotional and financial costs are from depravities forced upon us in 2020 and 2021. We still have no idea how many people’s lives were ended or destroyed as a result of Covid protocols. None. “I trust the science.” No. You trust the television. That’s an absurd way for an adult to be.

You see what I’m getting at?

You see how absurdities are so easy to believe by repeating meaningless phrases over and over again? Trust the science… They hate us for our freedoms… Stand with Ukraine… I could go on and on. I hope you understand that we’re already at the point of committing atrocities, unto ourselves and unto the world, for the absurdities we so easily believe. Unfortunately, we don’t think in these terms because the Propaganda Matrix directs our attentions. It tells us what to focus upon. It tells us what the most pressing issues of our times are so we don’t focus on what truly are the most pressing issues.

As I said in my post Divide and ConquerA civilization’s inability to discuss its core problems has always led to madness and collapse. That core problem, I say, is that our most powerful cultural institutions – government, banking, corporation, education and media – have been hijacked by evil people who hate the values that made America great.

To say Americans have got to wake up is an understatement. Everyone has got to get right with God. Everyone’s got to stop fooling themselves with pride and platitudes like children. We’ve got to humble ourselves, and see that we’ve been conned out of our freedoms. We’ve got to develop the mental faculties to understand precisely how we’ve been betrayed, and what we can do to change this. It requires you to become outraged and speak your mind in the face of those who will try to silence you by shaming you. To get past that fear, you’ve got to arm your mind with good knowledge and real wisdom.

You’ve got to throw yourself into the fire.

I think Republicans understand better what I’m saying because there’s still a conservative element to their worldview – though all are welcome to know the truth. Words like honor, integrity, strength, courage and faith still resonate because they know our ancestors possessed these virtues to give us a better life here in America. To be conservative means you know there is still great wisdom of the past which should be respected and not ignored in favor of arbitrarily devised authoritarian schemes modern liberals wrongly call progressive. Authoritarianism is always regressive.

However, even with the mass awakening I’ve seen in Republicans, resulting from Trump’s big mouth cutting through so many cultural lies, I still think we’re in deep, deep trouble. The fact is that most conservatives who admit that there’s something terribly wrong continue with their lives without considering what we must do to make things right. Making money is still top priority, and they don’t want to rock the boat because they fear getting fired. After all, they have children, mortgages, and cell phone payments. Money is security, and I can’t disagree. I’m not denying this.

At the same time, I am reminded of Matthew 24:38 in which Jesus says, “For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away…” This is to say that in spite of Noah’s dire warnings, no one did anything to prepare for what was coming. They went on with their lives as if everything were normal. They focused only upon their immediate circumstances without questioning what all their striving was for if the world was literally going to end.

I’m not saying the world is going to end, for only God knows the Times. However, all semblances of what we like and love in our current civilization is ending. The United States of America may still exist as some political entity on maps, but its essential spirit of Christian morality and liberty guiding our hearts and minds is ending. Any Christian or Republican or Conservative who denies this isn’t seeing clearly. Feeling no urgency to do SOME THING DIFFERENT to halt the rising waters, well, what am I supposed to say to such bloody insouciance? History is going to repeat itself, like Israel, like Rome, like US.

Unfortunately, conservative Americans have this notion that God will not allow the United States of America to fall because he loves us all so much. That’s horsecrap. That’s foolishness and arrogance. It evinces a profound lack of historical understanding made clear by the Bible. Even the holy city of Jerusalem – Zion itself – had become corrupted to the point where the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar was regarded as more righteous by the Lord than Judah, and that Judah should be destroyed by Babylon, and so it was. Why should we Americans think this lesson doesn’t apply to us? Of course it does. The history of the world has been harsh and brutal. We’ve lived in a bubble of reality for most of our lives, and I see many reasons why this bubble will burst, perhaps by God himself, especially if we don’t even believe he is there!

It should go without saying that American churches have utterly failed us. They were supposed to have been the watchmen for our Constitutional Republic. They were supposed to have been perpetually checking our tendency towards the corruption of our morality resulting from the prosperity of our liberty. They were supposed to have been calling out the sin of the individual and the sins of our nation. You can say churches shouldn’t be political. However, when immorality and depravity are the fruits of men and women in positions of government, it is nothing but cowardice and hypocrisy that says God has nothing to say to his people about this! Of course God cares about suffering caused by the injustice of tyrants!

It doesn’t take a genius to see that, nowadays, there is an effeminate spirit about most churches. Most sermons are “milktoast”. They’re preached to make people feel like they’re Christian without convicting their consciences to a point that motivates change – like pointing out fornication, adultery, pride, gluttony, vanity – and especially homosexuality. They sure as heck ain’t gonna give sermons like Jonathon Edwards’ Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God because, no doubt, they’re afraid to offend those from whom they receive donations; they’re afraid to offend liberals and the violent malevolents allied to them; they’re afraid to call out the sins of government and consequently lose their 501c3 tax-exempt status which prohibits political speech. It’s all upside-down. It’s wrong.

And it’s tragic. Because milktoast effeminacy exists where righteous masculine force should thunder and edify, and because this effeminacy yields believers who don’t fear God and thus live as sinfully as non-believers, generations of youth are unwise to the ways of the Lord. Why go through the ritual of church if those who go are no different than those who don’t go? A great falling away from the faith of our ancestors has yielded the current sorry state of the United States of America. Yes, pastors are to blame – and so are we.

So am I.

One of many conversations we Americans are not having is what do we do? Seriously, what do we do to save the sinking ship? Do we just listen pundits and gripe? Do we vote in numbers like we’ve never done before? Do conservatives embrace political activism like never before? Maybe.

At the same time, I emphatically reject this will be enough…