“You can’t say anything nowadays,” said the Conservative man in his 60’s.

Of course he meant, “You can’t say anything nowadays without offending someone.” Regardless, his beat-down demeanor suggested he’s not the type to stir the pot because he’s afraid to offend. He’s afraid to make a scene by speaking his mind.

I think this is a lot of men nowadays. I see it all the time, even in those who are ardently libertarians.

Maybe it’s you. So, I write this post.


Now, in response to these unmasculine words, I wanted to say:


So what if you offend someone? So what if some spoiled brat with blue hair calls you a name? So what if some clown with glasses and a man-bun does the same? Their opinions don’t matter. So get some courage. Speak up.

Truth is always offensive to those who believe lies. Remember, rather than rationally discuss issues, most liberals, especially the psychotic Wokistas, resort to calling someone a name, not because they are truly offended, and often not even because they believe that someone is a racist or bigot or homophobe, but simply because they wish to silence them.

You have to understand that modern liberalism depends upon a mind stuck in the unreal reality created by Mass Media. Modern liberalism couldn’t exist without the powerful array of lights and sounds broadcast incessantly through television, computer and phone screens which hypnotize minds into believing notions that would unequivocally disappear were the machines turned off. Real reality is far from their senses and reason. Without incessant propaganda, people wouldn’t believe that racism is everywhere, that cultural appropriation is a real injustice, that White Privilege exists, that there are unlimited genders, that men can have babies, that real masculinity is toxic, that sodomy is just as moral as marriage, and countless other social aberrations.

Without that propaganda, they also wouldn’t be convinced that the greatest evil in the world today is the light of liberty that actually made America the greatest nation in history in all history. They would see right through Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project. They wouldn’t embrace authoritarian notions of how society should be ordered from the top down. They would know the American conception of political-economy. They’d know American history. They’d know their world history – especially the cause of the staggering death by authoritarian regimes in 20th century. They wouldn’t be distracted by incessantly contrived injustices. They’d be more educated by a free market of ideas, and thus more concerned about the collapse of our culture and civilization.

But mainstream liberal propaganda is incredibly powerful because it doesn’t apply to our reason. It applies to emotion. It’s rooted in a trillion-dollar infrastructure, refined by billions of dollars in psychological research, designed to brainwash people in accepting the dissolution of the traditional cultures and nations and amalgamate them under gigantic corporate conglomerates that control the world’s resources with no allegiance to anything but their international power. As former Lefty gone Libertarian Michael Rechtenwald says in The Google Archipelago:

Ultimately, the global capitalist corporation would benefit from a singular globalized monopoly of government with one set of rules, and thus would promote internationalism, otherwise known as global government or one-worldism. Contemporary leftism aims at the dissolution of heretofore stable social ontologies, such as gender identities, the family, social hierarchies, historical memory, inherited culture, Christianity and the nation state. It aims at a one-world monopoly of government. Thus, the politics that most closely aligns with the worldwide, global interests of monopolistic corporations is contemporary left-wing politics.”

I can’t believe I have to tell liberals that billionaires and trillionaires don’t care about you. They don’t control the information for the sake of illuminating and empowering you. It’s there to stupefy and control you. It’s there to destroy all tradition, under the false notion of Progress, so a New World Order can be erected. As Mark Dice says in his book Liberalism Find a Cure:

Destroy the family, and the long established traditions of the human race will vanish, and people will be left without any support structure instilling morality, loyalty, responsibility, or spirituality. The government will decide what is right and wrong, and provide the basic needs such as food, shelter and financial assistance. Or, as George Orwell wrote in 1984, one of the primary aims of the tyrannical government in his book (called the “Party”) was, “to prevent men and women from forming loyalties which it might not be able to control.”

Yet, liberals will continue believing the Propaganda Matrix – the CNN’s and Twitters and Klaus Schwabs. They will love Big Brother. They think their thoughts are their own, but they’re not. Maybe some suspect this, but they’re too afraid of coming to terms with the fact that they’ve been deceived. They fear the change of such revelations. So, they double down. They yell louder. They call more names. They get more emotional. They become ever more like zombies and demons as they perpetually resort to their demagogues on TV to reinforce delusional worldviews. Hell, what am I supposed to think about someone who boasts they should kill all the babies they wish? That drag queens should make boys consider homosexuality and castration? That masculine men are toxic? That families should be ripped apart for refusing Pfizer’s covid shots?

Modern liberalism is directed by demons. Period.

Free speech, critical thinking, unfiltered information, open education and a promulgation of morality yield freedom and prosperity. They made America great. Deep down Conservatives know this, and that’s why they revere that which made our civilization. But liberals are trained to love censorship and authoritarianism. They think their way is the right way. They think that they don’t have to defend their radical reorganization of society with logic and reason. Willy-nilly they should proceed from one tyranny to the next. Though certainly some liberals are smarter than others, and though some liberals are much smarter than most conservatives, at some point their arguments boil down to gross violations of liberty, liberty and property. At some point they advocate the evisceration of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. At some point they will scorn all freedoms and all Christian values.

They have no real principles. Modern liberals are led by the nose from one talking point to the next by emotional force conjured through propaganda that is truly Orwellian. They don’t step back and soberly reflect on the tenets they’re being conditioned to accept as true. They think and say and do what they’re told. They’re not intellectuals. They’re not deep thinkers. Many are pathetic Bolsheviks – literally. So why in the hell should a grown Conservative man be afraid of the myriad of meaningless names that liberals so liberally throw out if such a man is not a racist, homophobe, bigot, etc, etc?

Why is he afraid he won’t be able to defend himself against the names? Why is he afraid of making a scene which could invite the disapproval of others? Why is he afraid of being considered an angry extremist?


Whatever the scenario is, I think he’s afraid because the cold, hard truth is that he puts forth no effort in sharpening his mind and his words. He never thinks for himself. He never reads. He never studies. He as a conservative has no idea what he’s supposed to be conserving. He has no idea what the mechanics of a free society are supposed to be. He never learned the Principles of Liberty that all Americans must know.

Instead, he watches FOX point out the inanity of liberals, yet, he himself isn’t capable of articulating the inanity. His mind – like liberals’ minds – is also filled with sounds and images creating emotional impressions that diminish his own power to think. He too feels fully vindicated in his beliefs by the talking heads on the electronic screens. Truly, conservatives’ minds are weakened by brainwashing too. It’s caused them to believe many fallacies and fantasies, and vote for tyrants like W Bush and John McCain, and clamor for evils like the Patriot Act and the Second Iraq War. Fortunately, I say this is changing thanks to seeds planted by President Trump – and I’m not saying this because I’m some ardent Trumper.

As I said in my post All Republicans should be Libertarians:

It is my opinion that the single greatest legacy of the Presidency of Donald Trump was his making mainstream the notion that there is a Deep State Swamp, that there are gargantuan amounts of Fake News, and that the very core of the The United States of America is under attack by internationalists. What would be derided as “conspiracy theory” ten years ago now plays a pivotal role in the typical Republican’s worldview. Millions of Republicans now see W Bush, McCain and Romney and other “leaders” as mere RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). They know most of the Party is RINO. Thus, they also know that there must come some large change to the whole party and country, but, I’m not sure they really know what that change must be.

This is good, but it’s not enough. The Conservative man needs a renaissance of his soul. He needs to gain conviction. He needs to use the force of his being – his masculinity – for the sake of making the world a better place. He needs to speak his mind, sharpened by the pursuit of truth and righteousness, in the battle for the heart and soul of America. He needs to stand his ground against the wrongs advocated by screaming liberals.

Now, of course, there’s a time for all things. There’s a time to be silent and there’s a time to speak. There’s a time to walk away and there’s a time to roar. Hell, there’s a time to throw the money changers out of the temple with whips as Jesus Christ did.

Sometimes it’s not worth to get into a barking match with some intellectual dog with blue hair and a man bun. Sometimes being meek is the best way so you don’t appear as much the fool as he. Trust me, staring down someone’s stupidity without saying a word says far more than the verbal diarrhea coming out of some liberals mouths.

At the same time, sometimes silence is pure cowardice. Sometimes not wanting to make a scene is cowardice. Sometimes not wanting to raise your voice so everyone in the room can hear you is cowardice. Yes it is – especially considering the insanity that is ripping our civilization apart at the seams before our eyes.

The fact is that all men have the obligation to be good men. To be a good man you must know right from wrong, and you must have the courage to do what is right in defiance of what is wrong. To have that courage, you must defy your own fears in spite of the burning pain they cause you to suffer while doing that thing you’re afraid to do. You’ve gotta have faith the end result will be good.

You gotta believe courage is always good.