I feel like writing about a recent conversation I had at the grocery store as I was buying brussell sprouts. A woman approached me. She remarked on me buying brussel sprouts. I said they taste like old underwear (which is a line I stole from Earnest P. Worell), and that I prefer ribeyes. She said a couple of other things, and then said, “I’m vegan. I don’t think people should eat animals.”

“Uh huh,” I muttered. My interest in the conversation plummeted.

She continued, “I think meat is terribly unclean. Cows are raised on GMO corn filled with pesticides, and you don’t think that hurts the human body?”

I said, “I agree.” And I do. Americans’ obesity and addiction to prescribed drugs testifies to the fact that there is something terribly wrong with our diets, and it’s more than the meat.

Anyway, the woman, seeing that I was agreeable to her view of mass toxicity of Americans, then said, “Then there’s the 5G they’re trying to roll out.”

I didn’t know exactly which avenue she was going down with that 5G comment. But, I knew she was probing me. So, I bluntly said, “I can’t say I’ve researched 5G much. But, from what I understand, it’s like microwave radiation filling the air, no? Regardless, you don’t have to tell me that we Americans are bombarded with toxicity in the air, in the water, in the food, on television… everywhere you can think of injecting toxicity into our lives, rest assured some evil person is doing it.”

And that is what I believe. Why I would say there is such evil around us may be for another post, but, I was deliberate to use the phrase “injecting toxicity” to probe her.

She took the bait, and asked, “Are you getting the vaccine?”

“Hell no,” I said. “I don’t want the love potion of some of the biggest criminal enterprises in American history in my body. Look at the criminal history of Pfizer. Look at the criminal history of the other big pharma companies. I’m supposed to trust them? I’m supposed to trust Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci are telling me to get those shots because they believe they’re good for me, and want what’s best for me? You’re out of your mind.

“You’re not going to tell me that the most sweeping censorship America has ever seen began only coincidentally with the rollout of the vaccines. Of course it’s not a coincidence. Of course it’s a deliberate thing. The amount of information on the internet screaming those shots are potentially catasrophic to humanity is enormous.

“Now, I wouldn’t say all the information on the internet is true. Of course it’s not. You have to take it with a grain of salt, and I don’t have perfect discernment of truth regarding things of a medical nature because I’m not a trained MD.

“But the internet is not all lies. You darn right there’s truth on the internet. I mean, there are people who mock the internet yet wholeheartedly believe television. That’s insane. To me, television is nothing but lies and deception.”

I then asked, “What about you?”

She responded, “No. I’ve been researching vaccines for a long time. Why would people expect me not to research this one as well? And the thing of it is that no one really knows what ingredients are in the shots, and there are no long term studies as to what it’s going to do to people, and I absolutely believe they are suppresing information on adverse reactions, and…”

Blah, blah, blah…


Anyway, the rest of the conversation is not pertinent. But there are two points I want to make.

My first point is that you never know how people are going to be. Now, judging by her profesSion of veganism, and her tie-dyed shirt, and use of terms like “spiritual” and “progressive” (which are terms I don’t respect), I don’t doubt there is much that woman could say to nauseate me.

But, obviously, on much I would agree. She is deeply concerned about the vaxxes as I am. She thinks they’re potentially catasrophic as I do. So how much more could we agree on? How much more could we even enjoy each other’s company based on other shared views? Probably a lot.

I once showed Grand Canyon to a New Yorker who was an absolute commie liberal. The arrogance he exuded for believing society should bend to his dictates was almost unbelievable. Boy did I have to bite my tongue that day! But, he was an expert on the history of New York City, and I listened to him for hours. I was literally spellbound at times. And thus, when he wasn’t talking about the glories of universal healthcare, his company was an absolute pleasure, and his words were inspiring and edifying.

Again, you never know how people are going to be. How to access the most agreeable parts of their personalities, and put aside the disagreeable, is an art I could certainly practice more, and will. Comraderie and even friendship comes from this.

And this leads to my second point. At this point in American History, as I see things, those who are opposed to forced vaxxing need to put their differences aside, and unite in opposition to this depravity. Even those who have taken the shot, should still be terrified at government claiming they are sovereign over your bodies. Once this principle is accepted, there is no limit to what else they can force into you.

But unity is hard. We are divided in so many ways. Righties and Lefties tend to have understandings of American identity based on television, which imbues them with many emotional understandings that are not conducive to logical discourse, and therefore can be quite irreconciable to one another.

But still, there must be unity. Opposition to mandates and passports must be a way for divisions to dissolve, and unite.

Unfortunately we’re all afraid. We have to probe one another to get real with one another. It’s so hard for us to discuss polar opposite viewpoints civilly. Forced vaxxing is highly controversial, and taboo to everyday conversation. So it’s just easier to avoid the subject.

The covid vaxxes are perhaps the most divise issue in American history – and maybe world history. This isn’t a light subject, and believers in forced vaxxing want to dismiss as lunatics those who will not get the shot. Thus, there’s great animosity growing towards people like me and the woman. And who wants to feel the brunt of someone’s animostiy when you’re buying brussel sprouts?

Nonetheless, this subject must be talked about more. There must be unity. There must be shared understanding. For decades Americans have been able to live with each others’ differences by escaping reality through their favorite news broadcasts and television shows. We didn’t need to be real with each other because our society, though drastically degenerating from the ideal, was still not totally insane.

But now things are insane. We cannot pretend mass insanity is not real. It is real. We must get out of comfort zones, and talk to each other, and risk offending each other, because we don’t have another choice. Americans must get real with each other.

And if we don’t, we deserve what’s coming. The signs have been around for decades. Must of us should have woken up by now. But we still naively clung to the notion that media exists to inform and not to deceive, as it does deceive. There comes a point where such naivety is unsurvivable.

Like Jeremiah screaming the Babylonians are coming only to be ignored, or Romans screaming the Visigoths are coming only to be ignored, destruction of societies usually comes from willful ignorance, and willfully ignorant is how Americans have been for decades.

This must end. Or we will.


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